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DreamPlay Sessions | JOSUE SIMON (Teaser)

Watch a preview of Josue Simon’s performance on DreamPlay Sessions!

Josue ‘Sue’ Simon has been leaving audiences breathless with his sexy saxophone since he can remember. The Arts High School graduate and Newark native has been performing professionally for the past 10 years at various venues around the tri-state area including the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Recently, the singer/saxophonist performed with Evoluculture at the 2017 Lincoln Park music festival, was a performer at the 2017 Newark Arts Open Doors city-wide arts festival and performed recently at the 2017 Ubuntu awards. The band leader/songwriter created his own band, Royal Xctasy which is a collective of various artists and instrumentalists for which he produces and creates a fusion of different styles of music. They will be releasing their debut album in 2018. The musician turned actor is also the star of the award nominated web series Theory Of Brick City Music set to be released in 2019. Sue has been entertaining audiences his whole life and will continue as he grows into stardom.

Phenomenal musicians, poets and more performing original works live at captivating spaces. #dreamplaysessions


(Music Fades In)

Josue: I grew up as a religious kid. I went to music school, growing up, so I trained in classical music, but on Sundays and a couple days during the week, it was all about up-tempo Christian music. So, that’s basically my music background.

(End Screen)

DreamPlay (Studio) Sessions 02 (coming soon)

Josué Simon

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Special thanks to Alex Hodgkinson and ODR Studios.

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