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DreamPlay Sessions | LOTYS (Teaser)

Watch a preview of LOTYS’s performance on DreamPlay Sessions!

Taylor Delores “LOTYS” Leake is a recording artist who was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Newark, New Jersey. In her early years, her favorite past times were participating in talent shows, plays, or writing songs with her friends. Writing has always been an outlet for LOTYS as she has been creating poetry, short stories and screenplays since high school. With an imaginative state of mind and a story to tell, LOTYS aims to bridge her visual art and music to depict a powerful narrative to inspire anyone to evolve boundlessly.

On March 23, 2018, she self-released her first single “Retrograde (Jam)”, along with a self-directed music video. LOTYS most recently released an EP entitled “L.O.T.Y.S.” She is currently performing at local spaces to showcase her work.

Phenomenal musicians, poets and more performing original works live at captivating spaces. #dreamplaysessions


(LOTYS rapping)
I’m starting to feel like the sun don’t shine no more
I’m starting to feel like my rhymes don’t rhyme no more
I’m starting to feel like that the stars don’t align no more
Livin ‘in toxic masculinity, this shit is under me…

LOTYS: I’m a writer first. I’ve been writing screenplays since middle school. Poetry is huge for me too, and it kinda just translated into songwriting. My sound is definitely hip-hop, R&B, but it’s a little alternative, and I really feel like, as an artist, I’m like evolving my sound with every song I write, it’s different from the next.

(LOTYS rapping)
I just jam
Ha, ha…

(End Screen)

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Special thanks to Alex Hodgkinson and ODR Studios.

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