Meet our inaugural Rooftop Sessions act: Minor King, featuring Wyl White (Vocals), Jasmine Motley (Drums), Malcolm Daniel (Bass), Jean Bobadilla (Lead Guitar), and Luis Livelli (Rhythm Guitar).  The band hails from Northern New Jersey (Paterson) and describes its music as progressive fusion jazz rock. Each band member brings multiple music influences to the group, from rock to gospel, and the result is an unfiltered sound that’s energetic and all their own. Watch them performing live in Newark’s QXT’s, and other venues in the NJ / NYC area.

Stay tuned to DREAMPLAY TV’s BRAVISSIMA channel for two original, live-recorded song performances, and a full exclusive interview with Wyl, Jasmine, Malcolm, Jean and Luis.

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WYL WHITE: If I had to describe our sound I would say we are like fusion jazz rock.

JASMINE MOTLEY: We come from different melting pots of life and it’s real [multi] cultural. So we just try to add ourselves into the music.

WYL: Our name originated from The Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song “Minor Thing.” There’s a line in there, and he’s like

♫ It’s just a minor thing ♫
♫ And I’m a minor king ♫

That’s kinda where we got the name from.

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