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GRIND (Trailer)

"You have to find something deep in your heart that will make you change." Robert Wilmote is a Liberian refugee forced to flee the most drastic and terrible circumstances imaginable. Having narrowly escaped war in Africa, Robert’s struggles continue in the U.S. when he succumbs to the gangster life, becoming a convicted felon in Newark, New Jersey.

ON THE CUSP (Trailer)

Tommy Cuba, a renowned skateboarder from Newark, NJ, who has competed in numerous tournaments and been profiled in top skating magazines. He is one of the founders of “Shorty’s Skate Park,” built by hand from scraps, which became a legendary hub for skating enthusiasts from all over the country. Yet, his deliberately insulated world cannot prepare him for the looming forces of change.


Nathalie Pires, the first American fado singer to tour internationally, reveals her origins, passions, and fears, while her fado godmother, the legendary Anita Guerreiro, and oldest touring "fadista" in the world, reflects on her epic career. The film explores the melancholic music of Portugal known as "fado", renowned for expressing the unique sentiment of "saudade."


Dane thought he left his demons and his drug addiction behind him, but his first day out of prison challenges both his promise to go clean and his very survival. Having exhausted the sympathy of others in neighborhood, Dane’s desperation leads him to test his fate. Filmmaker Yuri Alves presents a gripping, tense study of a flawed man teetering on the edge of redemption and self-destruction.


In a not so distant future, plants refuse to grow, and life as we know it ceases to exist, and a forsaken survivor miraculously resists death. Sustained by the memory of his lost lover, he embarks on a mission to plant three seeds. His journey is further challenged by a tense encounter with another lonely survivor, who will test his resolve and his sanity.