SHAKUR STEVENSON reveals his deep seated motivation and drive to succeed on behalf of his family and underdog community. The two-time Youth World Boxing Champion and Newark-native is only 20 year old, yet he has been boxing since the age of five under the mentorship of his grandfather Wali Moses. Shakur brought home the Silver Medal at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics in the bantamweight division, and has since turned professional, signing with Top Rank Boxing. Shakur kicked off his professional career in the featherweight division with a bang – his record is 5 wins, no losses (as of March 2018).

Fun fact: Shakur has been called “the next Mayweather” by Floyd Mayweather Jr. himself, though he is managed by his idol, Andre Ward.

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Directed and edited by Paul Cerqueira


SHAKUR STEVENSON: I was lost. I guess my love for boxing made me keep going when I’m staring to walk toward the ring…

and I remember all of my people back home watching me and what I’m doing this for…

My alter ego tells me, man, you can do anything. You’ve already proven that you can do more than what people expect, being that you’re from Newark.

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