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The Ironbound SC, Newark's youth soccer champions, take on titans Real Madrid, Barcelona, Benfica, Sevilla and others at a global tournament. #jerseygreats


Underdogs on the field. Champions all over.

What if your neighborhood sports team got to play against the best teams in the world? What if it were televised worldwide? What if that sport was football – the “original one” – and you were not only matched against the giants of the sport, but you also hosted them in your own backyard?! Well, if you live in Ironbound, an immigrant enclave in Newark, NJ – that’s exactly what happened with an unflinching group of young players and coaches.

The Ironbound SC took on the best in the world, including Real Madrid C.F., FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla FC, Valencia CF, Villarreal, S.L. Benfica, Inter Milan, Club America, Atlético Nacional and New York City FC. And these young greats made New Jersey proud!

Ironbound SC – based in Newark, New Jersey – is a founding member of the Super Y League. The club has won five championships at the SYL North American Finals, including the Under-13 Boys competition in 2016.

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Ironbound Soccer Club
John Soares
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[Nick] Let’s make sure they remember Ironbound. They remember that they played us, because we played hard. And we went at them with everything we had.

(soft music)

You guys have to understand each others emotions, communication, everything. Okay? Does that make sense?

[Child] Yes, coach.

[Nick] Win or lose. Win or lose, attitude is everything. Effort is everything.

[Players] Oh!

[Nick] They practice with each other four or five times a week. Watch what they do. We do our own thing. We don’t need to do exactly what they do. We play our style. We make them play us, right? That starts now.

[Anthony] So when the ball comes, don’t foul but you got to be in here and touch it. If you can get a touch, then we get our midfield with the ball and we got to counter attack the other way, okay? If you have the same mentality that you guys showed the last practice, I think we’ll be fine. So it’s the same mentality. What’s our strategy? What?

[Players] Play hard.

[Anthony] Play hard. That’s it.

(audience cheering)

[Coaches and Players] One, two, three, family! Four, five, six, Ironbound!

(crowd clapping and cheering)
(whistle blows)

[Nick] Good, good.

[Nick] Come on, come on.


(whistle blows)

[Nick] Soak it in and enjoy it. Don’t be so hard on yourselves. They said have fun, you guys don’t look like your having fun. Your faces are all upset. We’re not mad that you guys lost. You understand that? We’re proud of you guys. We did really good. We went after them. We have to charge inside on and we have to be ready and quick movement of the feet. Remember that warm-up the other day, one, two, three, change directions? No standing still in the second game. A lot of movement. A lot of transitions.

[Anthony] This is the… this just happened. Real Madrid against the Columbian team that we play in an hour. That was… you’re late. You’re half a second late and you let talented kids turn. That’s what happens.

[Nick] Alright, this Columbian team they looked a little bit more relaxed and lackadaisical than the other teams yesterday. Remember them? And they’re going to be good at shooting and skills. They’re gonna be good at that. That’s their style. That’s that Colombian flavor.

[Anthony] Very proud of you guys. Good job! Let’s take a deep breath and let’s get ready for the next one. We’re good? Great job!

(crowd cheering)

[Nick] Go!

[Anthony] Patience! Patience! Patience! Yes!

Well done. Patience.

[Anthony] Let’s get it to Moore.

[Nick] Defend! Defend!

[Nick] Go Daniel! Go Daniel! Go Daniel!

Shoulder! Shoulder! Shoulder! Yes! Yes!

Yeah Daniel!

Come on referee!

(crowd cheering and yelling)

[Anthony] Good job! You deserve the three points, but we got a point. That was a great job! Anybody who watch that game will say that you guys play with heart which is what we spoke to you about. So great job!

[Crowd] Let’s go Ironbound! Let’s go Ironbound!

(boys cheering)

[Alberto] We had over six-thousand people attend in the three days. What it really shows is that this is a soccer community. Ironbound Soccer Club is widely known and respected throughout the country. The fact that we were given the opportunity to host and to co-organize this event really is a tribute to the people of this community, to this club and it’s been an absolute honor.

[Coaches and Team] One, two, three family! Four, five, six Ironbound!

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