Chef and restaurant owner Ruben Dominguez (Catas Newark) shares his recipe for Spanish tortilla.  This egg, potato and onion bundle of flavor has come a long way since its humble Iberian roots.

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Today we’re going to prepare a very traditional dish, tortilla. It started as a necessity. It was something that was ready and availableand really inexpensive and easy to prepare and quickly.

Here we have a farm raised free-ranged chicken hatch egg. Sea salt, potatoes, as well as onions. Add some oil.

I’m using high heat.

We’re going to be frying the potatoes.

I’m just going to grab another pot here put it over.

This is going to create steam. These onions go at the end.

Once the onions are translucent, shut the fire off.

Let it cool down a little bit.

Get some of the oil out.

This is going to go right into the eggs.

Put a little bit of cream.

Now I got the egg in.

Now we want to turn it down a little bit.

We don’t want the egg to over cook and get too burnt on the bottom.

So now, once it’s cooked on one side we’ll want to flip it and it goes back in the same pan.

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