Dane thought he left his demons and his drug addiction behind him, but his first day out of prison challenges both his promise to go clean and his very survival. Having exhausted the sympathy of others in neighborhood, Dane’s desperation leads him to test his fate… and grapple with whether his journey leads him to salvation or back into the jaws of addiction. Filmmaker Yuri Alves presents a gripping, tense study of a flawed man teetering on the edge of redemption and self-destruction. (Directed by Yuri Alves) | EXIT ROAD Film

Freedom from self is hard.

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Montclair Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Rain Dance Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION: ÉCU – European Independent Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION: NY Portuguese Short Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Hoboken International Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Reel Recovery Film Festival


Listen, I don’t know how much you need. I don’t know what your habits, consist of for a week. I’m cracking the fuck up out here. You can’t come here every week and ask me to help you.

FRED: Yeah, I know…

DANE: I know you got something.

FRED: I ain’t got nothing.

DANE: Brittany wake up!
BABY: Momma!

DEMETRIUS: You never guess who came through. Came by my spot. He’s here now.

DANE: You wanna just kick me out, I’m good as dead out there.

People have an addiction to money.

how to behave, how they are raised up.

The things they do everyday.

How they can’t change.

How things control their lives.

Addiction is a motherfucker.

Written and Directed by Yuri Alves

Featuring Dane Sansevero

Produced by: Igor Alves, Yuri Alves, Joe Carollo

Cast: Dane Sansevero, Beth Natoli, Demetrios Frangias, Nick Mirabella, Rafa Katrano, Fred Kouefati, Julia De Pinto and Julie Carollo

Filmed on location in Newark, New Jersey and the State of New Jersey.

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