Gutzon Borglum, best known as the sculptor of Mount Rushmore, left a strong legacy of sculptures and public statues in Newark. Among the Borglum statues around the city, “The First Landing Party for the Founders of Newark”, positioned near the NJPAC, went missing around the year 2012. That is until John Abignon went to look for it and found it discarded. Then the Star-Ledger’s Barry Carter reported on the matter. Having read the article, the leaders of the Newark Landmarks and Preservation Committee got onboard, particularly Liz Del Tufo and Richard Grossklaus. With the help of the Newark Celebration 350 Committee, the motley crew of citizens commissioned a local sculptor to refurbish the 100 year old Borglum statue. And now the legendary artist’s 9 foot, 13,000 lb marble statue rises again above the Passaic River.

Check out Barry Carter’s summary of events in The Star-Ledger newspaper.


JOHN ABIGNON: I came across the fact that there were four Borglum monuments in the city but I could only remember [seeing] three.

BARRY CARTER: NJPAC got built then the statue got moved. The [Newark] light rail was constructed then it got moved again but who moved it to where it wound up nobody was claiming that.

LIZ DEL TUFO: What more fitting place than the [Newark] 350th Committee, would there be for the reinstallation of the gift of those people a hundred years ago.

IRENE COOPER-BASCH: In a few moments we are all going to go outside and see the restoration.

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